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Six Things You Shouldn’t Assume About Custom Home Builders

If you hire a custom home builder, you might find that you end up more satisfied with the home that you eventually end up living in. That's why you should not be disinclined to work with a custom home builder because of inaccurate assumptions. The following are six things you shouldn't assume about custom home builders.  You can't have your home financed when you hire a custom home builder. It's not necessarily true that you won't be able to take out a loan to build a custom home. Read More 

What Are Some Advantages Of Metal Garages?

If you want to replace an old wood garage, then you don't have to use the same material again. You can switch to a metal garage. Metal garages have some advantages over wood products. What are they? Metal Garages Last Longer While the treated timber in wood garages should last a long time, these garages can still develop problems or get damaged over time. Not all treatments last for the life of the timber. Read More 

Ready To Move? Two Reasons To Choose A New Construction Home

Figuring out if you want to buy a pre-owned home or go for a brand-new alternative is a major decision. Each option definitely has its benefits and this could make it even harder to come to a conclusion. However, while there are certainly pre-owned houses out there that could initially fit the bill, it's important for you to dig a bit deeper to avoid getting into a tight spot that becomes too much for you to handle. Read More 

You Need More Than A Dock: Why Invest In A Boathouse

If you want to make improvements to your waterfront property, now's the time to build a boathouse. If you have a dock, you might not think you need a boathouse, but that's not the case. A boathouse can provide you with benefits that you might not have considered. Read the list provided here. You'll find four great reasons to invest in a boathouse.  Reduce Damage When you own a boat, you want to protect it from damage. Read More 

What Factors Determine The Parking Lot Paving Cost?

No two parking lots are alike. Therefore, it is hard to sum up the cost of parking lot paving with a simple online calculator. There will always be differences in estimates from different contractors, but knowing the main parking lot paving pricing factors can shed light on what the project should cost you. This article will highlight four factors that significantly influence the final quote for parking lot paving prices. Read More