Remodeling Before Selling? Tips For Making Your Home More Marketable

Homeowners often overlook the benefits of remodeling their home prior to putting it on the market. This usually happens because the cost of remodeling can be substantial, and it is not very exciting to make changes in a home you are not going to be living in. However, remodeling prior to selling can increase the value of your home significantly, and you can earn back the money you invested in remodeling with the increased selling value of your home.

Go for a neutral paint theme

The pink and blue bedrooms your kids love or the bright yellow kitchen you like may not be appreciated by potential buyers who do not like bold colors or who do not have children. One of the benefits a neutral paint theme has on your home is that it gives potential buyers a blank canvas to work with. This makes it an easy match for any furniture they have, and it makes the place attractive to a wider range of buyers.

 Be consistent with flooring

Too many types of flooring can date a house and create a chaotic look. It is best to replace old flooring with one style throughout the house to create a cohesive look. Light-colored wood or laminate flooring will give your home a spacious look and will likely be appealing to a wide range of potential buyers.

Do not overlook the little things

If you are like many homeowners, fixing minor issues often gets pushed aside. Over time, these little things can add up, so it is always a good idea to inspect your home and complete any minor repairs prior to putting your home on the market. A home in good repair tells potential buyers your home has been well maintained and may be less likely to have problems that show up later.

Consider a white kitchen

White and bright are popular selling points for a kitchen. Not only does it look clean, but it allows the buyer to truly make it their own by choosing any colored curtains or accent pieces for décor. A white kitchen is also a big selling point for those who enjoy the minimalist lifestyle. 

Even if you cannot afford to do a full remodel of your home, making just a few important changes can make a big difference in the market value when you sell. For instance, just updating the kitchen or painting all the walls in a neutral paint color can increase the selling appeal of your home. Updating the floors and replacing the heating and cooling units are other ways to increase the value of your home without a full remodel.

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