What Are Some Advantages Of Metal Garages?

If you want to replace an old wood garage, then you don't have to use the same material again. You can switch to a metal garage. Metal garages have some advantages over wood products. What are they?

Metal Garages Last Longer

While the treated timber in wood garages should last a long time, these garages can still develop problems or get damaged over time. Not all treatments last for the life of the timber. If wood loses its protection, then environmental problems and insects can cause some damage.

For example, wood will start to soften and rot if it is subjected to too much moisture. Once wood rots, it loses some of its stability and strength. While this doesn't mean that your garage will collapse, it does cause some problems.

For example, if timbers rot, then they might crumble and break. They could create gaps in the structure of your garage. If rain gets in through the gaps, then your garage, and its contents, might get damp.

Plus, rotting wood is soft and easy to break or remove. Intruders might be able to get to any vehicles you store in the space because your garage isn't secure.

Wood can also attract insects. For example, termites and wood borers might attack your timbers. Termites will eat the wood; borers will weaken it. In either case, these insects can do serious damage quickly.

Metal garages don't have these problems. As long as you buy metals with protective rust coatings, then your garage should stay in good shape for longer. Metal won't weaken with age. It won't rot or attract insect infestations. Your garage will stay strong and secure.

Metal Garages Need Less Maintenance

If you buy a wood garage, then you have to accept that you will have regular maintenance jobs. The work you do here will increase as the garage ages.

For example, you will need to stain, seal, or repaint the garage periodically. Its color will fade in the sun; paint might start to peel off the timber over time. Stains and seals fade and lose some of their protective layers, so you'll have to reapply them when this happens.

Metal garages are easier to look after. If you buy a colored product, then its color is usually baked into the metal. You won't need to repaint the structure unless you actually want to change its color. Plus, metal is a lot easier to clean than wood. You won't have as much work to do to keep your garage looking good.

To get started, contact metal garage suppliers or contractors in your area.