What Factors Determine The Parking Lot Paving Cost?

No two parking lots are alike. Therefore, it is hard to sum up the cost of parking lot paving with a simple online calculator. There will always be differences in estimates from different contractors, but knowing the main parking lot paving pricing factors can shed light on what the project should cost you. This article will highlight four factors that significantly influence the final quote for parking lot paving prices.

1. Size 

It should not come as a surprise that size is the first factor the parking lot contractor will consider when determining the paving costs. The size of the parking lot is usually measured in square footage. The larger the parking lot, the more labor and material will be needed to complete the job, which may drive the costs up. However, a well-established parking lot paving contractor may be willing to offer discounts if you have a large parking lot that needs paving. 

2. The Parking Lot Grade

Parking lot grade is an essential part of paving. With poor grading, your parking lot will have a poor drainage system, which could subject it to water damage, causing cracks and potholes. Also, the grade has to meet ADA regulations. If your parking lot is above grade, the project might require fewer materials and labor to pave, reducing the costs. On the other hand, if the parking lot is below grade, more paving materials will be required to achieve the desired look, which could raise the paving costs. 

3. Desired Paving Material

Another feature of your parking lot paving quote is the type of material you want to use. In this case, there are three materials you could use: asphalt, concrete, or gravel. Different materials have different costs and require different machinery and skills to install, which explains the difference in paving costs. But whichever materials you choose, you need a competent paving contractor to ensure it is professionally installed for a durable and beautiful parking lot.

4. Installation Permits

You need to obtain a permit before paving a commercial parking lot. This ensures you will adhere to the relevant paving codes. The price of the permit depends on various factors and will influence the overall project costs. However, you do not need to obtain the paving permit yourself. The parking lot paving contractor will do that for you.

Parking lot paving is a significant investment. When planning parking lot paving, you get what you pay for. So, you should work with a reliable parking lot contractor to get an appealing and durable parking lot that will last for many years.

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