Clearing And Preparing A Site For Your New Home

If you are wanting to build a custom home, preparing and clearing the site will be one of the first steps that will need to be taken. However, site clearing and preparation is often a part of the building process that is significantly more involved than individuals may have first suspected.

Any Trees Or Stumps Will Need To Be Fully Removed From The Area

Trees can be one of the largest and most difficult plants to remove from the site where the home is going to be built. In addition to cutting down these large plants, it will also be necessary to fully remove the stumps. Often, individuals will often for stump grinding services for this process as it can be the more affordable option. However, this may not be suitable for your home building project. Rather, it might be necessary to have the entire stump pulled from the ground. This will prevent the stump or the roots from interfering with the foundation of the house. Additionally, eliminating this decaying wood can minimize the chance of a termite infestation occurring near your house.

Site Clearing Can Impact The Soil Stability Of The Area

While it is essential to clear and prepare the site for the home-building project, it is necessary to note that this can have an impact on the soil stability and quality of the site. Unfortunately, individuals might not realize this. As a result of this potential risk, the soil at the site should be assessed and tested to ensure that it will remain stable enough for the home to be built. Otherwise, soil stabilization procedures may be needed to keep it from shifting under the foundation of the house. These assessments can also provide insights into the risk of erosion occurring during the process of actually building the house.

Site Clearing Work Can Require Various Pieces Of Specialized Equipment

Site clearing and preparation is a project that is always best left to a contractor that is equipped for this type of work. There are numerous pieces of specialized machinery that will be needed during this process. Unfortunately, some individuals may assume that this will only require them to cut down and haul away some plants. In reality, there can be many other challenges that will have to be addressed that can be difficult to impossible without the proper gear. An example of this could be attempting to remove a stone that is sticky above the ground as it can be difficult to assess the size and weight of a partially buried stone. This can lead to a person finding that it is significantly larger and heavier than what they are able to move.

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