Signs Tree Roots Are Clogging Your Drain

Planting trees in your yard offers numerous benefits, including enhancing the property value, providing shade, and boosting aesthetics. However, they can sometimes cause clogged drain issues if you don't maintain them regularly. This usually happens when the tree roots grow into the sewer lines, creating gradual plumbing system failures. 

Knowing how to identify roots in drain lines can help you save the plumbing system and avoid expensive repairs. Here are signs to look out for.

Slow Flowing Wastewater 

One of the primary signs of root damage is a slow-flowing drain. When the roots get into the drain line, they grow and occupy more space making it difficult for the wastewater to drain fast.

You might even start noticing a gurgling noise after flushing the toilet. This often occurs when roots enter the pipes, which is common in properties with many large trees nearby. Once you notice this sign, call your plumber to confirm the cause of the slow emptying drains. If it's the roots, they will remove them and repair the lines.

Awful Smell From the Drains

If you keep getting a foul smell from your drain, you may have tree roots in the wastewater drainage system. The roots usually block the drain line, trapping a lot of waste. This is what causes the unpleasant smell. If nothing is done to remove the accumulating debris and roots, the smell will worsen, making your home stay uncomfortable. Your neighbors may also complain about the bad smell. Getting professional help when you notice any strange smell is recommended.

Regular Toilet Backups

When tree roots access the sewer lines, you will have regular blockage issues with your toilet. The roots usually trap the waste, toilet paper, and other materials you flush down the drain, creating a severe blockage in the drain lines. This means that no wastewater will be drained. Instead, it will keep backing up, making a mess in the house, which can result in health issues. As soon as you start having toilet backup issues, call a plumbing expert to remove the blockage.

When you call in a plumbing expert, they will perform a thorough inspection to determine the condition of your sewer lines. Then, they'll formulate a viable plan to deal with the clogged drain problem. This may include using the hydro jetting machine for severe clogs or the mechanical auger/rooter. The drain lines will be restored fully regardless of the techniques and tools used.

Contact a local plumber to learn more about clogged drains