Videoconferencing From Home? 5 Ways A Cabinet Helps

Do you videoconference from home? If so, you may be missing an essential tool that could make it more successful, easier, and more professional. That tool? Cabinets. Here are a few ways that this simple addition will elevate your videoconferencing ability.

1. Clean Up Your Background 

What's going on in the room behind you when you videoconference? Whether it's a working home office or a corner of your bedroom, messy video backgrounds give an unwanted negative impression, cause distraction, and open up your home to the curious eyes of others. Some cabinets, though, allow you to hide your stuff temporarily or even permanently. 

2. Provide the Right Angles

Angle, height, and distance are key to achieving the best look when on a video call. This angle isn't always the exact height of your desk or workspace. Many people have stacks of books holding up their cameras and tablets, or they put up with questionable video views. Find your ideal camera location and give it a dedicated — but confined — space with a multifunctional cabinet. 

3. Protect Items From View

Unwanted background items aren't always just the normal clutter of daily life. You may also have important or sensitive items that shouldn't be on camera. It may be company documents, client files, or your life savings in rolled coins. Put these out of view by slipping them into a cabinet reserved for just this purpose — again, either temporarily or permanently. 

4. Store Video Gear

If your work-from-home setup isn't a dedicated office, it may simply have to exist within other rooms that you use on a regular basis. Whether it's the kitchen, living room, or your bedroom, you may not want to house all the technology and gear when not videoconferencing. Size up the amount of paraphernalia you use to set up quality video calls and customize an attractive cabinet to keep it all out of sight. 

5. Stage Your Background

Those who participate in video calls with different people or for different reasons — such as both school and work — may want to present a different image at times. Cabinets are useful for this in two ways. First, you can use it as a base on which to stage things like a copy of your book or your diploma. But it also provides convenient storage to hide the other items you aren't accessorizing with today. 

Where to Start

Could your videoconferencing be easier, smarter, and more self-contained using any of these strategies? Find out more by talking with a cabinet designer in your area today.