4 Incredible Benefits Of Using A Camera To Inspect Your Sewer Systems

Until recently, there was no definite way to tell what was going on within your home's plumbing and sewer systems. Homeowners only hoped for the best and watched the plumber dig out the plumbing lines to inspect where they suspected a problem was located. Fortunately, you can know the source of the problem almost immediately, thanks to the introduction of sewer inspection cameras. The method involves driving a camera attached to a cable through your sewer pipes to inspect them. The following are reasons to consider camera sewer inspection services. 

1. Avoid Digging and Guesswork

Previously, sewer inspections were complicated and demanding. If you suspected a clog within your sewer system, probably due to slow drains, the contractors would be forced to dig trenches to uncover the problem. The conventional method used trial and error, which led to invasive digging and, on some occasions, pipe damage.

Today, the new sewer inspection method offers noninvasive methods of checking the condition of your systems. The contractor will drive the cable attached to a camera into the sewer pipe, immediately uncovering the source of the drain issues. Therefore, you can avoid guesswork by using this newer technology.

2. Get Accurate Diagnostics

The images from the camera digging into your sewer lines may not be appealing, but they get accurate diagnostics. You get real-time footage of the pipe's interior. The camera gives you live feedback about every inch of the interior's plumbing structure. If you're dealing with a clogged pipe, the innovative cameras will offer a more accurate viewpoint than the conventional inspections ever did.

3. Schedule Timely Repairs

Since inspections using cameras do not involve digging out the pipes and are less costly, you'll be more motivated to use the method during routine maintenance. Real-time footage helps you identify minor problems and gives you a chance to rectify them before they magnify into major ones. This gives you a chance to save money. Thanks to accurate diagnostics, the contractors also have a better chance of finding the most suitable plumbing solutions.

4. Provide Hard Proof

Besides providing real-time footage of your sewer system, an inspection camera offers visual reference and hard proof for future use. The camera offers indisputable evidence of the problems within your sewer lines, which could come in handy later. For example, you can use the reference video to file a claim with your insurer.

As shown above, there's a lot to gain from camera sewer inspection services. Don't wait any longer if you suspect something could be wrong with your sewer system. Contact a plumber for more information on camera sewer line inspections