How Solid Surface Shower Systems Help Accelerate the Bathroom Remodeling Process

The bathroom remodeling process can be slow and tedious. Homeowners must consider and plan their bathroom redesign to include new features, materials, and more. Unfortunately, traditional tiled shower systems and their numerous disadvantages contribute significantly to issues with excessive remodeling project durations; therefore, homeowners should seek out new and advanced shower systems that do not have these issues, enabling them to complete their bathroom remodels as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Fortunately, solid surfaces shower systems are an increasingly popular choice that homeowners can select if they wish to reduce the duration of the bathroom remodeling process. If you'd like to take advantage of a solid surface shower system in your new bathroom remodeling project, read on below to learn more about how solid surface shower systems help accelerate the bathroom remodeling process.

Solid Surface Shower Systems Are Easy to Install

Traditional tile shower system installations require contractors to lay tiles in a lengthy and tedious process. Unfortunately, the need to lay tiles one by one can add a significant amount of time to the overall duration of a bathroom remodeling project. Not only that, but the more pieces involved, the more chances for errors to occur during installation. Needless to say, these issues can delay the completion of a bathroom remodeling project by a significant amount.

Solid surface shower systems, thankfully, are comprised of large seamless solid panels. This feature means that there are far fewer pieces that contractors need to install to complete the installation of these shower systems. This advantage makes the shower installation process far less tedious and enables the shower installation to be completed far more quickly. Ultimately, a fast shower system installation helps to accelerate the rate at which bathroom remodeling projects can be completed.

Solid Surface Shower Systems Are Waterproof

Traditional tile shower systems are comprised of tile held together by grout, which can wear out over time. Unfortunately, this weakness can leave one's shower system susceptible to water damage. For that reason, shower installation contractors must typically install waterproofing beneath these shower systems, adding another step to an already lengthy installation.

Fortunately, solid surface shower systems are seamless and do not rely on grout to hold their components together. For that reason, these systems are waterproof. This advantage eliminates the need for contractors to install waterproofing beneath these shower systems, enabling homeowners to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to install their shower system and allowing them to accelerate the completion of their bathroom remodeling projects.


Traditional tile showers have numerous issues that stall the completion of bathroom remodeling projects. Fortunately, solid surface showers provide homeowners with the opportunity to avoid such issues!