Ideas For Home Additions

Creating an addition to your home is something many homeowners consider. You may want to have another room for a family member or to expand areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Regardless of your reasoning, creating a home addition means doing some research and planning to ensure you get the right custom room for you and your home. Here are a few ideas to consider and what to know about each one. 


Mudrooms are an ideal home addition in areas that experience heavy rains or snow. These rooms allow you to store your muddy boots or shoes and avoid tracking mud into the home. Many people use mudrooms to store coats, jackets, and supplies as well. You can even have the mudrooms attached to existing porches or to laundry rooms. Mudrooms are generally not as insulated as other areas of the house, but if insulation is a concern, you can have your contractor offer suggestions to include that in your build. 

Rooftop Living Area

Some homes are equipped with a flat roof area. These are primarily in bigger cities and areas where apartments have been converted into traditional townhomes. If this is the case for your home, you may feel you can not expand or add an addition. The truth is, you can add a living area addition to the rooftop. This area can hold a small garden or can be enclosed to give you a rooftop patio to enjoy throughout the year. The area can also contain cooking areas for summer activities, such as grilling.

Bedroom Deck

If you have a second-story bedroom, you may want to consider the addition of a bedroom deck. This type of living area can be enclosed or left open, depending on your environment and personal choices for the space. The bedroom deck is an addition added directly to the bedroom. A door will be installed to give easy access to the area. You can also have the space added with rails and a cover so you can safely enjoy it with family or pets. 

If any of these room additions appeal to you, contact your local home builders or contractors. They can help you with the design and with making any construction changes to the design. They can also discuss other options that you may not have considered. If you have certain ideas and specifications in mind, make sure to convey those to the contractor during the consultation and evaluation stages. Reach out to a local home additions contractor to learn more.