Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Outdoor Faucet

The water faucet mounted to the exterior of your home is something that you might use almost every day during the summer months. It's valuable for watering your lawn and garden, filling children's water balloons during summer get-togethers with friends, and more. You may eventually reach a point at which you should replace the faucet. You can buy a replacement faucet at your local home supply store, and then hire a local handyman to install it for you. Here are some signs that it's time to replace your outside faucet.

It Leaks

A leaky faucet is a hassle. Not only will this fixture waste water, but it can also leave the area below wet. If the faucet is positioned over your deck or patio, you may not like having a large wet mark on the deck boards or patio stones. In the case of a deck, the constant exposure to moisture from the leaky faucet may cause one or more deck boards to begin rotting. The simple solution to this problem is to remove the old faucet and replace it with a new one that doesn't leak.

It Squeaks

A squeaky faucet is also an issue for some people. Over time, you may notice that when you turn the knob of the faucet, it makes a loud noise. You can sometimes fix this issue by carefully applying a lubricant. However, if you've left the issue for too long, even repeatedly applying a lubricant may fail to silence the squeakiness. You might feel embarrassed about a squeaky faucet. For example, if you live in a subdivision and water your garden early each morning, you might worry that your neighbors who have their windows open could hear you turn the water on and off. The addition of a new, quiet-operating faucet will be a good solution.

It Has Poor Flow

When you turn the knob of your outdoor faucet, you want the water to flow at an acceptable pace. If you're filling watering cans so that you can water your garden, for example, you may not want this process to take longer than necessary. Over time, the buildup of minerals inside of a faucet can lead to the water flowing slowly. This issue is often difficult to correct, so it may be better to simply replace the faucet with a new one. Browse the selection of outdoor faucets at your local home supply store to find one that will work for you.