Want A Sturdy Asphalt Driveway? 4 Things That Have To Happen

If you are planning on installing a new asphalt driveway, you will want to ensure that the structure you install is as sturdy and as strong as possible. There are some steps you are going to want to ensure are taken that your driveway is solid.

1. Prepare for Proper Drainage 

When putting down an asphalt driveway, it is essential to discuss drainage issues with your contractor. If too much water gets under your driveway or lies on top of it, it will either settle and crack starting from the bottom, or settle and crack starting from the top. That is why you need to ensure that water is designed to flow away from your driveway.

That can be achieved by installing French drains under the structure to direct water away from it. It can also be achieved by sloping it so that water flows off of it. 

2. Ask for Full Depth Asphalt

Second, when discussing the driveway's structure, see if you can get a full-depth asphalt driveway. With a full-depth setup, the base and the structure are made entirely of asphalt instead of using compact stones for the base.

This creates a very thick asphalt structure that is achieved by compacting various layers together. This dense structure works well in most regions and is strong. It should provide you with an extra-long-lasting structure, making your investment very long-term.

3. Install the Driveway on the Right Day 

Third, it is essential to get the installation right. You are going to want to install the driveway on a warm day that is also dry. The outside air temperature and the ground temperature all play a role in how the asphalt will settle over time. The conditions on the day you install your asphalt will impact its long-term stability and success, so if the conditions are not suitable, reschedule your installation day.

Once it is installed, it is essential to wait for the driveway to cure before you start parking and using it. Waiting for it to cure will help ensure that the basic structure isn't damaged from the start. The weather impacts the curing time; the hotter it is, the longer it will take for everything to cure properly.

If you want to have a strong asphalt driveway, you will want to prepare for proper drainage, ask for full-depth asphalt, and ensure that it is installed on a warm and dry day for the best results.

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