4 Key Reasons To Use A Commercial Design And Build Contractor

Are you looking to put up a large commercial property like a warehouse or office block? Project management will be the biggest challenge in such an undertaking. You must interact with various parties, including financiers, designers, engineers, utility contractors, and landscapers. There is a real risk of project delays when these tasks are under different parties. The alternative is to use the design and build model, where one contractor is in charge of the project from beginning to end. What are the advantages of using a commercial design and build contractor

1. Higher Innovation

In the design and build approach, the contractor has the project designers and contractors under one roof. There is collaboration in the whole process. It encourages higher innovation since the team can point out what will and will not work, and suggest solutions together. 

It allows for more thoughtful project design and quicker building. The synchronization ensures challenges in both project phases are solved in a common approach. Input from different teams enriches project innovation. 

2. Shorter Project Timeframe 

The traditional approach is slow because of the back-and-forth between the design and build teams. The designer must finish before the building contractor comes in. Then, if there is a problem in design, the plans go back to the designer for tweaking. It is a slow approach.

A commercial design and build contractor can work on the project in phases. The design team identifies areas where design is complete, and the building team begins work even as the rest of the design is going on. It shortens the timeframe for the project. 

3. Better Project Communication 

One challenge in the traditional construction model is managing communication among different contractors. The project manager acts as a go-between, which has the potential to lead to misunderstandings. Poor communication can also lead to conflicts and blame games.

A commercial design and build contractor has a more cohesive approach since the design and build teams can communicate directly. Issues are resolved faster for smoother project execution. You get higher accountability because the contractor cannot place the blame elsewhere.

4. Reduced Project Costs 

In the traditional approach, you must deal with different contractors separately, which gives you weak negotiating power. You also incur higher project management costs because of increased supervision and administration. 

Using one design and build contractor helps you negotiate better terms because the contractor gets a larger amount. You also reduce project management costs because you are dealing with one party. 

Are you concerned about the approach to complete your commercial construction project faster? Talk to a commercial design and build contractor about your project needs.