Why a Screen Enclosure Is a Good Investment

When it comes to home renovations and extensions, several people think about adding in a second-floor or perhaps a garage or an outdoor shed. What a lot of people don't consider is that you don't need to spend tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the most bang for your buck. There are many smaller extensions and add-ons that can completely revolutionize how you spend your time at home, and nowhere is this more clear than with a screen enclosure. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding a screen enclosure into your home.

Care-Free Outdoor Living

Most people love spending time outdoors, especially during those warm summer nights. What they don't love is the corresponding bug bites that they can get from the many bugs out there looking for a tasty meal. Screen enclosures give you all the enjoyment of the outside environment with none of the risks. It also means that no smaller mammals or vermin are going to investigate your home or leftover food, after a big night where you couldn't be bothered cleaning up until the next morning. For such a drastic difference in the quality of your time spent outside, the price is relatively low.

Beautiful Designs

A screen enclosure doesn't have to be some barebone, minimalistic extension that looks like something out of a trailer park. It can be very neatly done with smartly painted fixtures that match the design and style of your house so it looks more like a greenhouse than a screen enclosure. All it takes is a bit of forethought and clever custom screen manufacturers to work with you to get your desired outcome, and you can have virtually any design you want. Peruse your local screen enclosure manufacturer's website to see just how many options there are available to you.

Quick Turnaround And Long Lasting

Screen enclosures are built to last, with hardy metals that are treated for outdoor exposure and a solid frame that can withstand rain, hail, or direct sunlight. However, that doesn't mean it will take them ages to put it all up. Screen enclosures are one of the quickest home extensions you can choose, and most of the time you can get the whole thing done in under a week, sometimes even much sooner than that. For those who hate waiting and want to see the fruits of their labor quicker, screen enclosures are the renovation for you. 

Contact a local business, such as Wyatt's Contracting Services LLC, to learn more about installing a screen enclosure on your property.