Pest Control Service To Deal With Termites That Cause Damage

Termites are some of the most damaging insects that can infest your home. When termites infest your home, they cause serious damage. They will eat away at wood and cause structural damage if the problem is not addressed. Therefore, you might need some of the following pest control services to help deal with your termite problem:

Locating the Termite Nests

The first step in controlling a termite problem is to find the nests. Often, there are large nests in the landscaping and possibly more damage to timber in hardscaping or to trees. The nests may reach farther than just the damage to the wood in your home. Pest control services that specialize in dealing with termites can help you locate these nests to ensure that the entire problem is addressed instead of just the termites that have affected your home.

Assessing Damage to Property

You will also need to have the damage assessed. Talk with the pest control service about the extent of the damage and the areas that require repairs. If the exterminator can't handle all of the repairs, then you might need to have a structural expert give you an estimate on the additional repairs that need to be done. Sometimes, a remodeling contractor can handle the repairs, but you may want to have the termite damage inspected by a structural engineer.

Treating the Termite Infestation

The treatment you choose for your termite problem is important too. There are various options to treat an infestation of termites. First, you might want to have the infected area sprayed. After a spray treatment, injections and other methods can be used to finish the job and keep the termites away from the woodwork. You can also schedule for your home to regularly be sprayed for termites and other pesky insects that can cause damage.

Termite Bait Traps and Repairs

You will also need to have repairs done to the damage created by the termites. Some pest control services that specialize in dealing with insects like termites can also help with minor repair work that often needs to be done as part of the job. The pest control service can also help with setting traps and regularly inspecting the area that was infected to ensure the termites don't return.

When you have a problem with a serious termite infestation, it might require professional help to get it under control. Contact a pest control service to get the help you need with these problems.