Masonry in Landscaping: Setting Your Hardscaping Projects in Stone

Masonry and stone are the perfect solutions for a variety of landscaping problems, especially when trying to incorporate hardscaping into your plan. There are all kinds of masonry applications that can be used in different ways. Masonry products also offer privacy as well as security from the elements. Some hardscaping projects that you might want to plan with masonry features include:

Creating Cascading Waterfalls for Water Features

If you want to create a custom outdoor design, you might be planning on adding water features. Cascading waterfalls can be a great addition to create the ambiance that you want for outdoor spaces. The structures and cascades that the water flows down can be built out of stone masonry and include custom details and decorative features. When creating the cascades for the water features, different sizes of stone can be used, and the features can protrude from other hardscaping, such as retaining walls.

Strengthening Fencing With Pillars to Replace Posts

The fence is another area where you might want to consider upgrades. There are a lot of improvements that can be made to your fence with masonry features. The first option that you might want to consider is replacing the posts with stone pillars. Other features to consider include stone or brick parapet walls where you want your fence to be more secure.

Using Masonry for Brick or Stone Retaining Walls

If you want to make changes to the landscaping elevations of your property, this is another area where you can use masonry features. The stonework is an excellent choice of materials to create hardscaping the blends into the natural surroundings. If the walls are lower, then stone alone might be enough to support the stress of the soil that you use for backfill. If you do higher walls, then they might require structural planning and reinforcement to ensure they can support the weight of the soil.

Masonry Paver Paths and Driveway Features

There are also options for masonry pavers that can be installed for the features like paths and driveways. If you are revamping our outdoor living spaces, you may want to consider using masonry stone pavers for features like patios and other surfaces that you want to add to your outdoor living space design.

Contact a masonry service to discuss some of these ideas if you are ready to add these attractive features to your landscaping design. They will be able to help you plan your hardscaping project with new masonry features.