Why You Need To Waterproof This Often Forgotten Area Of Your Home

When it comes to waterproofing your home, most people's minds will immediately go to their bathroom, kitchen and laundry, all of which make sense. However, this list excludes some very important areas of your house that can also be affected by internal water damage, specifically your basement and, if you have one, your crawl space. Crawl space waterproofing is essential to ensure that your home remains solid for decades to come, as without it there are a lot of potential dangers. Here are three reasons why you absolutely must get crawl space waterproofing. 

Foundations Will Erode

If you have a crawl space, then it is likely that your home is held up by piling foundations, or some other method that is not a slab foundation. These are far more susceptible to water damage than a slab because they each have their own surface area that can be affected by water, rather than the united front presented by a concrete slab. If the water in your home drains more heavily in one area, then an entire support could be underwater and that will lead to only one result: disaster. If you invest in crawl space waterproofing, you make sure that your foundations are as protected as they can possibly be.

Animals Can Get In

If your crawl space is not waterproof, then it is possible for it to wash away at the edges of the exterior wall, which can allow all sorts of vermin, insects and other animals entrance into your crawl space. This can cause quite a loud racket beneath your floors as they dig, scratch, bark and yap during all times of the day and night. They can also cause damage, particularly burrowing insects and rats, which are known to try to worm their way into the walls and floorboards of your house. Don't give them an entrance, get your crawl space fully waterproofed. 

Winter Will Wreak Havoc

Winter can cause major damage to your home if there are leaks in and around your foundations. The water will freeze, which makes it expand and grow far stronger, which all exerts pressure in places that you would not want to test. If you have not had your waterproofing looked at for a few years and are worried about the upcoming winter months, then do something now. Before long it will be too late and the damage will already have set in, so do not delay!